What just a few viewers of Brave New Digital World: The Revelation have to say…

“Jeff Einstein’s modern version of Aldous Huxley’s original dystopian vision of a society ruled and controlled by state-sanctioned addiction is at once quietly chilling and unerringly on point. In the age of polarizing fake-news-for-profit, Brave New Digital World: The Revelation is truly must-see TV.”
Jaffer Ali

“This video is only for Truth Seekers. A chilling cautionary tale about the rise of a dystopian society ruled and controlled by a state-sanctioned addiction to all things media and all things digital from — ironically — one of the founding fathers of digital media. Exceptionally provocative and perfectly timed. If you pay to stream only one video this year, make it this one! A small investment for understanding The Truth.”
Marty Rolnick
saper vedere

“Brave New Digital World: The Revelation packs more common sense and clear insight into 45 minutes than the entire Silicon Valley — thoroughly inebriated on its own power and wealth for decades — has produced in the past 30 years.”
M. Caro

“Mr. Einstein’s assertions and conclusions are unassailable, and we ignore his warnings at our own peril. My best advice  is to put down your smartphone and watch Brave New Digital World: The Revelation right now. Or at least watch it right now on your smartphone!”
Rachael Rosenbaum
Mental Health Professional

“The world’s first and still pre-eminent Digital Apostate, Jeff Einstein forces us to recognize the siren’s song that is modern technology — promising richer lives but delivering addiction and loss. This film walks you through the unbalanced digital landscape and makes you want to rethink the sleek but dangerous mobile device in your pocket that increasingly rules your life.”
M. J.  Rotondi

“As co-founders of the world’s first digital ad agency, both Jeff and I bear some responsibility for the digital world in which we live. In penance, while I write fiction about the net decrying our loss of personal privacy and the undermining of our 1st and 4th Amendment rights, Jeff has become a veritable Digital Apostate! A chilling cautionary tale, Brave New Digital World: The Revelation is almost painfully relevant. It will open your eyes and completely change the way you look at that digital addiction dispenser in your hand. Watch it today!”
JG Sandom
Novelist and Entrepreneur

“Watching Jeff Einstein’s quiet but alarming Brave New Digital World: The Revelation sent chills up and down my spine. An articulate and brilliant wakeup call for American society in the 21st century. 45 wisdom-filled minutes that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. Watch this and share it with your family today!”
Barbara James
Educator, Life Coach and Job Counselor for Exceptional Teens

“The 20th century had media visionaries like Lippmann and Huxley and McLuhan and Postman. The 21st century has Jeff Einstein. Brave New Digital World: The Revelation is a brilliant and profound work of media and social criticism.”
York Eggleston
Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

“I remember when Jeff Einstein first opined about media addiction as the default social condition way back at the turn of the century — some years before the rise of social media and smartphones. Everyone thought he was crazy back then. But these days no one can deny the addictive power of digital media, and Jeff’s prescient vision of a society ruled by state-sanctioned addiction has unfolded precisely as he predicted.”
Mark Nathanson

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