“As co-founders of the world’s first digital ad agency, both Jeff and I bear some responsibility for the digital world in which we live. In penance, while I write fiction about the net decrying our loss of personal privacy and the undermining of our 1st and 4th Amendment rights, Jeff has become a veritable Digital Apostate! A chilling cautionary tale, Brave New Digital World: The Revelation is almost painfully relevant. It will open your eyes and completely change the way you look at that digital addiction dispenser in your hand. Watch it today!”
--  JG Sandom (Novelist and Entrepreneur)


Welcome! We’ve teamed up with the producers of The Power Hour to offer you special discounted access to Brave New Digital World: The Revelation, a revolutionary video manifesto for the digital 21st century. Brave New Digital World: The Revelation describes what happens to our time, money and freedom in a dystopian society ruled and controlled by a state-sanctioned meta-addiction to all things media and all things digital. It explores what happens to the quality of life for our families and communities and nation once addiction emerges as the default social condition, the rule rather than the exception. We invite you to check out the PREVIEW now!

We’re certain that Brave New Digital World: The Revelation will forever change how you feel and what you think about digital media. So certain, in fact, that your special $1.99 access fee buys not one, but TWO plays: the first for you, and the second to share with someone special in your live. Just click on the image of Aldous Huxley below to access the full 45-minute version for only $1.99.

Or…the producers of The Power Nation will send you a voucher for free access to Brave New Digital World: the Revelation as a thank you for your purchase of any NuManna product (or minimum purchase of $50) on The Power Mall.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, or to inquire about engaging Jeff Einstein — the Digital Apostate — to speak at your next group event.