“I remember when Jeff Einstein first opined about media addiction as the default social condition way back at the turn of the century -- some years before the rise of social media and smartphones. Everyone thought he was crazy back then. But these days no one can deny the addictive power of digital media, and Jeff's prescient vision of a society ruled by state-sanctioned addiction has unfolded precisely as he predicted.”
--  Mark Nathanson


Welcome to Brave New Digital World: The Revelation

Brave New Digital World: The Revelation is a streaming video with a total runtime of just under 45 minutes. Edited and directed by digital media pioneer turned Digital Apostate, Jeff Einstein, it presents a chilling and disturbing account of what happens to our time, money and freedom in a dystopian society ruled and controlled by a state-sanctioned meta-addiction to all things media and all things digital. It explores what happens to our families and communities and nation when addiction emerges — by design — as the default social condition in 21st-century America, the rule rather than the exception. We invite you to check out the TRAILER now!

We all but guarantee that Brave New Digital World: The Revelation will forever change how you look at media, addiction and America. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the glowing testimonials from some of our viewers. We also know you’ll want to share it with someone else ASAP. That’s why a ticket price of only $2.99 buys you not one but TWO views over 24 hours: the first for you, and another to share with someone special. Just click now on the image of Aldous Huxley below to get started…

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